In-house Services

All Clear Live Scan offers Live Scan fingerprinting in-house.  We are conveniently located in Downtown Barstow and provide services six days a week.  Our digital scanner equipment makes use of the latest technology to produce inkless fingerprints.  This method is clean, fast, and reliable.

Mobile Services

All Clear Live Scan offers expert, state-of-the-art mobile Live Scan solutions throughout San Bernardino County.  Our mobile team will coordinate your on-site service for you, your employees, and/or volunteers, which is efficient, non-disruptive and affordable.

What You Will Need

To properly prepare for your upcoming Live Scan appointment, you will need the following:

  • Completed “Request for Live Scan Service” form (BCII 8016);
  • Social Security Number; and
  • A Department of Justice (DOJ) Approved, Valid, Photo ID.

The following are DOJ approved forms of photo identification:

  • Passport
  • California Driver’s License
  • California DMV ID Card
  • Out-of-State Driver’s License
  • Alien Registration/Immigration Green Card
  • Military ID Card
  • Mexican Consulate ID Card

Live Scan Fingerprinting Fees

Rolling Fee:

  • $25 – Rolling Fee includes Transmission Fee to DOJ

CA DOJ – California Department of Justice

  • $32 – DOJ Agency Fee for Visa/Immigration, Employment & Licenses.
  • $25 – DOJ Agency Fee for Personal Record Review.
  • $15 – Child Abuse Index Check.  {Only applicable on certain licenses for the Department of Social Services}.

FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation

  • $19 – FBI Agency Fee for Employment & Licenses.
  • $15 – FBI Agency Fee for Volunteers.

Checking on Status of Fingerprint Submission

Please allow a minimum of seven days before making a status inquiry.  Applicants should inquire first with the agency that requested the background review since the DOJ send results directly to the applicant agency.